simple sunday couscous salad.

photos by me.  ryan had the craving for something light and fresh, and last time we were shopping he thought, why not try a couscous salad? we’d never made one before, but as most of you probably already know, its VERY easy! we cut up cucumber, red pepper, parsley, white onion, mint and tomato and mixed in a can of chickpeas and the prepared couscous. ryan made a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil and salt and drizzled it over the salad. extremely tasty and really quick!

  1. wayne said:

    Couscous salad was always a favorite of mine, so years ago I introduced it into Georgia and my meals. We make two types, the greek kind and the moroccan kind. I love them both

    • oooo have a recipe you’d be willing to share Wayne? we don’t really know what type we make but we’d love to have another favourite to add to the mix!

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