thesis writing survival kit.

my favourite items that have helped me through it:

1. klorane gentle dry shampoo and/or bumble & bumble hair powder (for those days where showering just didn’t factor in but i still have to go into work). these sprays absorb excess oil and make me feel like less of a grub.

2. my bamfield hoodie. my security blanket. worn in to just the way i like it. along with my sweatpants, my hoodie collection has had quite the work-out over the past 2 months.

3. opi nailpolish in mod-ern girl. since my work in the seatables has finally ended, i thought i would “celebrate” by painting my nails with the only nailpolish i’ve bought in the last 4 years, a fluorescent coral polish by opi. it maybe made typing just a little bit more fun? debatable.

4. lacoste essential. my husband’s cologne atm. sitting at my desk i need to be constantly inundated with a familiar and comforting smell. writing up one’s thesis isn’t always the most proud of moments (as you have to rehash and explain every little detail that happened to go wrong during the last 3 or so years of your life at work, and why you couldn’t figure out how to fix it), so i’ve found that spritzing this on me every day before i have to write helps me get by.

5. adele‘s new album “21”. released in the last week of my thesis writing, my favourite songs “someone like you” and “set fire to the rain” kept me going.

6. the dreaded uggs (or luggs as ryan calls them). my classic g0-to feels-like-your-foot-has-been-swallowed-by-a-marshmallow boots. though arguably no longer fashionable (ok really not argument there, as every 13 year-old i see seems to own a pair), i can’t argue with how comfortable these are for when i have to go out in public during the writing process.

7. “endless forms most beautiful” by sean b. carroll. a book i read back when i was an undergraduate when i was first getting into the whole “evodevo” thing.  still reminds me that science can be cool and… well… beautiful!

8. fresh flowers (statice or Limonium sinuatum). it was nice to have fresh flowers in my apartment to remind me that spring wasn’t far off. statice flowers are great since if you neglect to water them, they simply dry out and remain as colourful as the day you bought them and can be used in boutonnieres or craft projects after you’re done your thesis! 😉

9. vogue magazine. my daily source for inspiration and escape from reality. i’ve been reading vogue since high school and everytime i sit down with it, it makes me feel refreshed and happy!

10. james blake‘s self-titled new cd. peaceful, thoughtful and unique, my favourite tracks on repeat: remake of feist’s “limit to your love” and “the wilhelm scream”.

  1. Lisa said:

    I am a huge fan of Adele. Her new album is amazing. I love the tone of her voice and the style of her music, her albums are getting constantly play on my itunes.

    Another good dry shampoo that I like is Rene Furterer’s dry shampoo. I love dry shampoo, I think it is the most amazing invention ever. Perfect for those days that you were talking about. And it amazes me how good your hair feels after-wards.

    • she has such a strong, confident voice hey Lisa? i’m glad her album is doing so well! (and i love her cat-eye look, makes me want to give it a shot!)

      oh right on, thanks for the recommendation! i wish i’d discovered dry shampoo years ago, would have been great during my undergrad years! i’m a bit behind! 🙂
      thanks for commenting Lisa!

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