our beautiful print from miss jamie delaine and our wedding wall.

[photos by me, wedding photos by jamie delaine photography]
as a christmas present, the fabulous (and very generous) jamie delaine sent ryan and i an 11 x 14 print of our choice! we chose the photo of the bridal party in the “creekside gardens”. thank you so so much jamie!
i love her custom stationary, wrapping and business cards, so i thought i would photograph her card in one of the vintage tea cups i have that i use to store some of my jewelry!
the last two pictures are of the “wedding wall” we’ve arranged in the apartment. i decided to frame the tiffany & co. bag that ryan got when he bought my engagement ring and our wedding invite too. (thanks to michelle, jeri and paddy for the betsey johnson and chanel bags!)
  1. Lisa said:

    Like the new blog site, what made you move over here?

    Your wedding photos are so beautiful! You look stunning and I love the scenery.

  2. thank you for commenting Lisa!
    i thought i’d try wordpress to see if it was easier to use than blogger. it is a little more intuitive than blogger and i like their selection of templates. though there are limitations with wordpress as well…
    i’ve thought about tumblr as well, but importing old posts is difficult. i haven’t decided whether i’ll keep this wordpress or return to blogger 🙂

  3. Michelle said:

    The bags look great!! Good idea. Yay I can’t wait to start brainstorming decorating my new place!!!!!! I’m thinking dark wood, eggshell blue, green glass, and white porcelain. So great to have a stylist as a sister now! 🙂

  4. thanks M!
    ooooo i’ll make an idea board and add those colours and textures! pff stylist i wish, but thanks this is going to be fun!

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