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[photo 1 by ian page, photo 2 by robyn michelle-lee for jamie delaine photography]

one of the fresh juices we served at the wedding was a watermelon mint juice. we got the recipe from the one and only martha stewart! it doesn’t seem to be online anymore, but this recipe for her watermelon salad is basically the same (except we omitted the rum and blended the watermelons).my dad spent hours cutting up half a dozen watermelons and blending them (thanks dad!), and we served them in mason jars with hot-pink striped paper straws i ordered from fort & field! our “mason jar”  juice dispensers we bought at pottery barn! many thanks to robyn michelle-lee (for jamie delaine photography) for sending me the beautiful photo of the dispensers!


[photos by me.]

the other item on my christmas list this year, was this cookbook by maggie beer, called “maggie’s harvest”.  the cover is an amazing embroidered fabric and it is filled with maggie’s stories of her restaurants in australia and amazing photos of beautiful, fresh and locally grown food. (though her local is australia!) her recipes are grouped based on season and i am eager to try some of them! maybe i’ll start with: chocolate orange brownie pudding with rhubarb and mascarpone! i still have some frozen rhubarb that jeri gave me and i’ve been meaning to put it to good use!

[photos by me, wedding photos by jamie delaine photography]
as a christmas present, the fabulous (and very generous) jamie delaine sent ryan and i an 11 x 14 print of our choice! we chose the photo of the bridal party in the “creekside gardens”. thank you so so much jamie!
i love her custom stationary, wrapping and business cards, so i thought i would photograph her card in one of the vintage tea cups i have that i use to store some of my jewelry!
the last two pictures are of the “wedding wall” we’ve arranged in the apartment. i decided to frame the tiffany & co. bag that ryan got when he bought my engagement ring and our wedding invite too. (thanks to michelle, jeri and paddy for the betsey johnson and chanel bags!)
[photo 1 by ryan, rest by me]
my belated christmas present from my parents arrived in the mail a few days ago and i’m SO excited! my new rag & bone jacket that i bought at 60% off! i wore it out for the first time friday night, and it was actually in the house & home magazine i was browsing through at chapters! ryan and i went shopping for some new jeans for him today and he found some spiffy stuff, all on sale! great time to shop the winter sales!

[photos by me]
ryan and i went for a walk a few sundays ago, along oak bay avenue in victoria. it was a beautiful sunny day, no rain, and no wind! we went into a few vintage/consignment stores (thanks ry), and window shopped along the street.  there are so many unique shops, cafés and restaurants along oak bay avenue, we will have to go back!  on our way back to the car, we ran into brendon, who works in the aquatics facility at uvic, walking his puppy monty!

[photos by me, food by ryan]
ryan is amazing cook. i really love having him around because he cooks me the best dinners and i can play sous-chef.  i bought this neat bottle of sparkling jasmine white tea from a new store in victoria that karyn got me on to – fey and hobbs – on lower fort street, here in victoria.  we had the sparkling tea chilled with a bocconcini and tomato salad to start, and a fresh green bean, miscellaneous veg and steak fry-up ryan makes for about 2$ a plate! super tasty and cheap! nice to have my husband home!

[last photo by ryan]
just a few pictures i took in and around vancouver over the holiday break. we had incredible weather the whole break! a few shots of the vancouver bus terminal where we picked up casey. ian brother, miss pam mah and i bought darth vader rings to commemorate our time together in vancouver. a friendly regal cat in michelle’s new neighbourhood near commercial drive. the light dusting of frost one chilly morning as we walked back from breakfast at the amazing restaurant michelle took us to – havana – and ryan and i enjoying a coffee in the sun on davie street.