my costume jewelry.

my collection of costume jewelry: some pieces i’ve been lucky to inherit from my grandma page, and a few other pieces have been gifts or finds here in victoria. i really like the affordability of many of the pieces of costume jewelry, hunting for and discovering the many unique designs, and its ability to add some sparkle to a simple outfit.
  1. N said:

    omg! Alison, these are beautiful! I love the rich purple broach in the last photo. I can see how they make an outfit absolutely stunning. Where do you usually find your costume jewelry?

  2. alison said:

    thanks natalie! i love collecting vintage costume pieces, the purple one was a find at an antique place here in Victoria. it was labeled as an "Austrian" vintage brooch, and i bought it to attach to my linen wedding clutch :)the pieces that i've bought, i've found around town here in Victoria. there is a fantastic "antique row" here, lined with various shops that are great for hours and hours of browsing 🙂

  3. N said:

    Oh a wedding clutch! What a wonderful idea! Your wedding photos are stunning :)Antique row? Wow! I wish there was something like that in Edmonton-the best I can think of is that antique mall in Strathcona near United Cycle.

  4. alison said:

    aw thanks natalie! 🙂 yeah my linen wedding clutch i found at club monaco (which surprised me but they've been carrying some nice accessories lately)!yeah victoria is a great spot for antiquing – a little on the pricier side though since it is a tourist spot known for the antique shops :)oooo i remember that antique mall! i love antique malls, hours and hours of hunting for treasure!

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