wedding photo credit: jamie delaine photography.
my new husband ryan and i have decided to start documenting our new experiences, ideas and inspirations with these blogs: mine – the inspired biologist, his – the hungry architect, and ours – the biologist and the architect.
a little background about myself. i am currently writing up my msc. thesis in biology from uvic, specializing in marine invertebrates.  though i have been learning and working as a biologist for the past ten years, i have always admired and drawn inspiration from fashion, design, pop culture and music.
my husband ryan is attending dalhousie and earning his m.arch in architecture. he has a passion for design and construction, but one of his favourite pastimes is eating amazing food and drink, trying new flavours and exploring new cuisine.
we have a jolly, fluffy boy named rohe, whom we obsessively adore as i’m sure you’ll notice in subsequent posts.
ryan and i have been long-distance dating for nearly four years and recently were married in roberts creek, bc.  ryan and i designed the wedding and crafted many of the DIY projects. our amazing friends and family helped us with many other DIY projects and helped us bring everything together to a wonderful end. the perfect wedding day! i got to work with some incredible women designers/crafters/vendors for some of the projects, i will share all the details on a subsequent post. our amazing wedding photographer, jamie delaine, posted a lovely write-up on her blog. part 1 and part 2. our second shooter robyn michelle-lee thompson also posted some great shots and a elegant write-up on her blog.
as every new blogger promises themselves, i’m hoping to contribute to this blog as often as possible, posting about what inspires me, what makes me smile – whether it be an amazing pair of shoes, a beautiful photograph, a dreamy song that i have on repeat or a neat critter from a tidepool at low tide – i’ll try to post about what makes me happy, and i hope you might find something that inspires you too!

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